STOP feeling guilty

Despite the political ‘mess’ going on in Brazil about jobs and the Olympics…

I’m looking forward to seeing the athletes perform at – what has to be – THE pivotal moment in their career.

Gruelling workouts and strict nutrition (They are WORLD CLASS athletes after all)

Even when they’re feeling like putting the kettle on, putting their feet up, and putting on some Come Dine With Me whilst finishing off the pack of biscuits. 

BUT…here’s the thing:

One ‘common’ illness (particularly for athletes given their training)

Like a cold, a sore throat, or a stomach bug


Even the stress, worry and anxiety of going to the Olympics and fulfilling your dream (achieving your goals is scary, too)

Let alone an injury..

Could literally ruin everything.

All the training. 

The strict eating regimen. 

The missed birthday parties and family holidays…

Could all go to waste.

I mean, we can all do the best we can with an illness or an injury.

But the reality is that we probably aren’t going to perform like we want to.

And it’s unfortunately followed by:

Frustration – Why me? Am I different?

Guilt – Did I rest enough? Did I eat the wrong foods? I didn’t stick to the plan 100%

Which is a bit like following a diet that makes you give up all your favourite foods. 

Because striving for ‘perfection’ is probably the reason why you’re failing.

After all, you’re not an Olympic athlete (no matter what the woman in the health food shop tells you to help sell you the latest ‘Tone up’ recovery drink)

You CAN…


Build a diet that allows you to be a bit rough around edges. 

Where having a piece of One Direction cake (or even the chocolate Caterpillar cake) at your daughter’s party doesn’t make you feel ashamed, guilty or frustrated.

Because you’ve built a nutritional strategy that fits your lifestyle so that whatever life throws at you (long school summer holidays / long working days) you can still tone up (once and for all) and feel more confident in your favourite, more fashionable clothes 

Matt ‘rough around the edges’ Fruci

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