How to stop craving junk with this ONE food…

How to stop craving sugar, chocolate, and crap AND take back control with this ONE food?


Yep, I'm not totally convinced either. 

Although I have to say, I've noticed that when I eat this ONE food? 

I feel more full up, it stops me thinking about food all day, and gives me more energy so I can get on with my day...

The food?

Eggs. That's right, a recent study showed that those who ate eggs for breakfast subconsciously ate less throughout the day and felt more full up and satisfied. 

But here's the thing:

I get that not everyone likes eggs. And that mini eggs don't count as 'eggs'....;-)

I get that pinching a few chocolate coins, purple quality streets, and Malteser Celebrations is probably going to happen whether you've eaten eggs or not...

And I get that actually, there's A LOT more to this toning up, feeling fit, and losing weight to just eating foods that keep you full. 

Because - in my humble opinion - many ladies I work with actually NEED to give themselves permission to be able to eat a slice of cake WITHOUT worrying about it being 'bad' or giving a $#*! about someone thinking 'she shouldn't be eating that if she's on a diet'

After all, it's not jumping on another 5 minute diet that will get you healthy so you can have more energy to do the things you want to do in life, be it play with your grandkids and see them grow up and / or tone up so you can have the confidence to wear your favourite clothes and NOT look at photos of yourself and feel you have to delete them...

Its actually about thinking of this toning up game as a way of life. Habits and routines that aren't a nuisance and are actually. - dare I say it - FUN!!!

^^^ Damn it. I said that F word which should never be said in the company of weight loss or exercise 

And toning up whilst having more fun is EXACTLY what I'm going to be showing you in my FREE LIVE ENCORE ​​​​​​​​Training Event:

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So, this really is your last chance to get the EXACT simple, yet effective exercises I use with busy ladies in Wiltshire to tone up, put themselves first, and feel more confident about the way they look in pictures WITHOUT giving up their favourite foods or spending hours in an intimidating gym...

And all from SMALL wins...​​

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Matt ​'eggcited to see you there' Fruci
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