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Self-confidence & body positive

So last week I caught up with Billy Morrison from Upfront & Personal..

Billy is a personal bra fitter…

And it might seem like it’s non-related

But considering that some of the ladies just starting our 4-Week Kickstart Programme

Haven’t exercised for a while and often wonder what to wear  (Obviously I can’t give any advice on bras…despite Billy being convinced our need a bra when I am older haha)

And some of the ladies inside our programme

Who have lost weight mention their clothes no longer fit…

It’s something that is more relevant that I would have ever thought (learn something new everyday )

Especially when you consider that how you FEEL impacts what you DO and what you DO impacts the RESULTS you get..

So, here’s what we discussed:

*Self-confidence in women and how this might impact the results you get

*Non-food related rewards for doing the things you know you need to do but struggle to motivate yourself to do

*Billy’s top tips when choosing a bra

*Doing things that make you feel better to create a ripple effect and improve your motivation and energy

*Negative self-talk, judging your body and the power of treating yourself how you would treat others…

Plus much, much more!

Go here to watch:

Matt ‘Bra-vo’ Fruci