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Remember this when it feels hard…

So I had a chat with one of the ladies yesterday.

She’s done great. Nearly a stone down overall and back in shorts she hasn’t worn for 2 years (shame about this weather to show them off haha)

And most importantly, feels like she has developed a really positive relationship with food after years of dieting…


Even with the above..

She still has days where it doesn’t ‘feel like’ it is working…

Where maybe the scales go up..

It feels ‘harder’ today…

And I am sharing this with you as

1 – it is hump day Wednesday, wet and cold

2 – so you know this is normal and it is not just you that sometimes feels like you cannot do it / you are too unfit / you have no willpower / you are scared of failing 

3- If you are stressed and tired…you will Overexaggerate the lows and Underexaggerate the highs

^^ read that again…and consider what you would say to your best friend in a similar position to you? That is probably the best advice you can take

3 – that no matter how hard it feels today….ask yourself:

“Hard compared to what?”

Because as hard as it is to change…

Is it harder than staying the same?

And only you can make that choice…

Something I have done today to help me realise what ‘hard’ actually means..

Is writing down what I am grateful for today:

  1. House over my head
  2. Amazing job that never feels like a job
  3. My health  because nothing actually matters with that, the weather, work etc

And this way…

I choose to be happy ☺ 

Matt ‘choice’ Fruci