How to remain in fat burning mode for longer…

“Apparently, it increases your metabolic rate – allowing your body to remain in fat burning mode for longer periods of time

I’m thinking of taking them. 

A friend of mine lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks taking them doing a 1400 calorie diet

What do you think, Matt?”

^^^ A question I got on Facebook recently.

She was referring to ‘T5 Fat Burning Diet Pills’

The promise?

An increase in your metabolism so you burn more fat and a reduction in your hunger.

How does it do this?

Well, just check the ingredients:

* Caffeine Anhydrous (110mg per serving)

* Guarana (20mg per serving)

*Green tea 40% extract (20mg per serving)

* N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine (10mg per serving).

The first 3 ingredients ALL contain caffeine.

Which we know:

* Reduces hunger so you eat less

* Increases your heart rate (so you do burn more calories at rest)

So, on top of her friend doing a 1400 calorie diet

^^^ Which ALONE would have probably meant she lost the 4lbs in 2 weeks

She’s probably feeling pretty ‘hyper’ and energetic

^^^ Given all of that caffeine

Particularly if she’s still drinking tea and coffee (and eating chocolate) 

Not to mention having a few glasses of wine in the evening. 

You see, these are ALL stimulants. 

That give you a kind of FALSE energy 

Which if abused over time…

May result in you crashing down

Struggling to sleep

Waking up in the middle of the night and struggling to get back to sleep

Needing ANOTHER coffee to get your through the day

Or – as her friend said – upping the dose to TWO tablets per day!

And that’s the catch, right there. 

Will you become DEPENDENT on these diet pills?

I mean, they may have their place (for some…)

Not really because of the ‘magic’ ingredients

but because of the PLACEBO effect

You see, her friend found that she could STICK to the diet more easily when taking the pills.

But was it the pill itself helping her or was it the action of TAKING a pill and believing there were perceived benefits?

^^^ Which meant she stuck to the diet…

We know VERY WELL from research that PLACEBO is the best supplement in the world.

For example:

People told and given a pill that promised more energy reported having great workouts and feeling amazing

Little did they know that they were actually given 1 g of sugar in a pill…

You see, your mind is a VERY powerful thing. 

And what you fill it with

Will often determine your actions

and – ultimately – your outcome.

How much weight you lose

How you feel at your Christmas party in the dress you actually want to wear 


How liberated you feel when you can simply smile at the ‘New magic pill’ headlines in the Daily Mail on January 1st 2017

All because you:

1) Got started!

2) Accepted that you will have to do SOME exercise

3) Accepted that you will have to make SOME changes to your diet

4) Kept things SUPER simple so that you can STICK to it…

Because the best diet in the world is the one you can do.

And that’s pretty much it

Because once you’re consistent

You can ASSESS!

Put out the fires along the way

and build a nutritional strategy that YOU are in control of 

Allowing the whole family to benefit from quick, easy and nutritious meals that keep you full, stop you craving cake and…diet pills, and leaving you feeling more confident in your new, more fashionable wardrobe (rather than the ‘fat dress’, as a Body Transformation Member called it this week).

Want to learn more?

Applications close on Sunday 27th November at 730pm for Female Fat Loss Mastery

With your pre-body transformation tasks starting this Monday 21st coming!

And the ACTUAL programme kicking off on Monday 28th November!

Apply here:

See you on the other side


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