“Practice makes…..”

I say to my kids at the park…

As they practice on the monkey bars …

All I get back though is blank faces.

So I try again:

“Practice makes…..”

Waving my arms like a game of charades ..

Eventually, my 5 year old says:


My response:

“Not the word I was looking for (e.g. perfect or permanent if being picky haha)

But I like that. It works.


^^ read that again

And better?

Say it out loud.


Because when trying to change any habit

Be it 

→ Getting up in the morning to do that first session

→ Learning to improve your balance (as we did at Fruci Fit in yoga and the resistance band session on Monday)

→ Not comfort eating to make yourself feel better (or so we say)

→ Pushing the F it button after one so called ‘bad’ snack / meal 

The secret ?

Is to practice..

Practice change.

Get excited when you mess up.


It gives you the opportunity to RESPOND differently


Because what you do today, the more likely you are to do it tomorrow. 

So be present.

What could you learn from this?

What could you do differently next time?

One action you can take from this?

Next time you think ‘F it’, I messed up..


Practice makes sense, so try again

^^ read that again 

As what is the alternative…

Write off the rest of the weekend

Being back to square one (at best)

On Monday 

Matt “Practice makes sense’ Fruci

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