PCOS & ‘what if I can’t’

Well done, Jo

So – as a nutritionist – I’m regularly attending courses / conferences (sometimes virtually <<< Thank you technology) 

To help me, help you

As ultimately, the better I am at doing that?

The better results I get..

That’s essentially how I am where I am today.

But anyway..

I was at a conference in Nottingham last year

And PCOS and women’s health came up..

(along with some interesting stuff on hot flushes and the menopause which I am trialling with a few of the ladies on our programme, some seeing great success with it)

And 2 supplements came up with some pretty good research which 

MAY be worth a try

(obviously alongside doing what you know you need to do with your nutrition and exercise 


  1. Vitamin D3 (benefits seen in immune system, mood, joints, muscular control, multiple sclerosis, certain cancers, seasonal affective disorder, blood sugar levels)


  1. Inositol (helps with insulin resistance and blood sugar levels)

Now, before I finish

I would say that

Before you get excited about these supplements…

To start at the start..

If you find yourself thinking what Jo was thinking:

“What if I can’t do the exercises as I’m so unfit that would be so embarrassing in a group environment “ 

Flip this around and and ask yourself:

Wouldn’t it be fun to find out?

As I can guarantee that regret is more exhausting the CLARITY…

Just like Jo said:

“I can try and I’m sure I will get better in time”. 

And the results:

This has absolutely happened, I can do a push up, & my bottom now actually leaves the floor in a hip thrust 🙌 and believe me that was no mean feat with my bottom 🍑

Matt totally put me at ease, I didn’t feel like a fat 40 something, I was a 40 something that can make a change! 😊

Awesome work, Jo.

Not to mention the fact she is now a nearly a dress size down in 4 weeks and losing weight (even with PCOS), happier and has more energy..

I hope this inspires you today…

Anyone can do it if you they want to do it

There is nothing magical about the above

Jo wanted to do it

Her story is inspirational 

And why I am sharing this with you today.

Matt ‘1% better’ Fruci

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