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“one of my achievements this week”

So Vanessa posted this message inside out private support group this week:

“Well I’m sat here in the new Fruci Fit premises.

A first for a couple of reasons 

1. Exercising in here  for the first time 

2. The first exercise since lock down to come to actual classes. 

So so good to meet Chloe in person, the lovely ladies who welcomed me with such enthusiasm 

oh and of course, Matt. 

Wow one of my achievements for the week that’s for sure.”

Well done, Vanessa.

I spoke yesterday about how to shift your energy 

By changing your physiology and the way you talk to yourself…

And speaking of the way you talk to yourself…

In the same session was Caroline..

Who first said when she initially started

That she would never come to a session

And would do it all from home.

And I get that.

When you think exercise class or gym..

It can be intimidating and boring…


I just about managed to get her to come and ‘watch’ a session…

And the rest is history 

I interviewed Caroline just before lockdown..

Here’s what she said:


Last chances to join Caroline, Vanessa and co on our October 28 Day Kickstart 

Which starts from Monday 5th

Specifically, for ladies 40+ who pretty much know what to do but need a step by step plan and the motivation to actually do it…

Can be done from home or with us in-person in Devizes or Marlborough.

 For more info, just message me with ’28 Day’ and I’ll get you the details.