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one day away?

one day away?

Quick one today..

I got this message this week (see pic)

now Paula has lost 3 stone..

But I’m sharing this because 

The problem with “results”

^^ yes there is a problem 

Is that the “present” becomes “normal”

And normal is just normal…

We don’t get excited about normal 

And the problem is we can forget how well we have done 

Which might just mean we stop…

Or just think “is it worth it?”

“I want faster results”

But my question to you is

“Compared to what?”

Because if you’ve not achieved results beyond this before…

Why not just keep going today?

Because what if 

You were just one day away

From getting the results you want.

But you gave up?

Don’t forget…

No matter how small

Progress is progress

And it’s the direction that counts 

Not the speed 🔥

Matt “one day” Fruci