“ohhhh that’s not good…”

^^ my now 4 year old daughter says

As we get to the park the other day

Only to find it still closed …

And at that point

We had 2 options:

  1. Go home
  2. Make the most of what we have

“Ah look at this new park”

I said pointing at the tree and the stream…

And despite their best dresses and white shoes

Now being slightly brown, and wet

The conclusion was that

“I prefer this park”

Why am I sharing this?

Our response to a situation 

Will often results in how we end up feeling…

From our emotional state

To our physical state…

And sure

The park being closed is fairly minor to us

But it is huge for kids…

So next time something happens which isn’t as planned

Can I challenge you to practice flipping the situation from asking ‘why’ to asking ‘how’…

Step 1:


“Why does this always happen to me”

Change to 

“Why does this always happen for me”


What is positive about this situation ?

Step 2:

Instead of: “there is nothing I can do about it. It is out of my hands”

^^ like I had a chat with one of the ladies this week as her train coming back from work was delayed which meant she could not get back for the session

Replace with:

“What could I do instead?”

^^ I could get my steps up around the train station? Do a home workout, even for 5 minutes. 

Once again…

I must admit,

Kids continue to be my biggest teacher…

And as I keep saying to them..

You can’t fail if you keep going 🙂

Everything is feedback ..


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