My (not so) dirty chicken nuggets and chips

Even the pregnant wife approved of this one.

So it must be worthy try…

Ingredient (serves 2…plus some leftover chicken for your lunch tomorrow!)

* 2 Medium sized chicken breasts

* 50 g of ground almonds / almond flour (the key is making sure you cover the chicken)

* 1 egg

* Olive oil or 1 kcal fry spray

* Salt, pepper and paprika to taste

* Ketchup for the kids (I’m still a kid, right?)


1) Pre heat the oven to 190C and cut the chicken into chunks or strips

2) Crack the egg into a bowl and whisk

3) Place the flour in a separate bowl with salt, pepper and paprika (and chillies if you’re like me)

4) Dip the chicken chunks / strips into the egg, cover in the flour and spices, and place on an oven tray prepared with olive oil (or 1 kcal fry spray)

NOTE: I suggest using olive oil to ensure the nuggets are not too dry!

5) Cook for about 25-30 mins 

Serve with a side salad and some sweet potato chips

Just as I did (link at the bottom to see them)

This recipe – for sure – will be going into my nutrition system

One that the whole family can enjoy (so you don’t have to sip kale ‘detox’ smoothies to ditch the love handles)
Not perfect (yet), but better than a detox tea any day of the week!

Speak soon,

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