No willpower? Be more selfish!

So I come home the other day to the rich, hearty, and warming smell of 3 bubbling pans of bolognese…

Now, this was a rare occurrence. And Mrs Fruci knows this. As I – hands down – do most of the cooking (Mrs Fruci doesn’t read this so just take my word for it…).

But – you see – like most mums and ladies out there, her motherly nature took over. As she was actually preparing loads of meals for – no, not me or herself – our 6 month old daughter…

“It makes it easier as we have meals ready in minutes that are simple, nutritious and perfect for any occasion”

^^^ read that again…because we ended up making a few batches for ourselves, too. Yes, we’re guilty of going against the Brownie promise of doing everything for everyone else…

And the results?

A 2 minute microwave “PING!” away from a warm, hearty, nutritious meal regardless of how busy, stressful and long your day has been.

Imagine that?

All because we – or should I say Mrs Fruci – took an hour out of her day to prepare some meals for the week.

And it may seem a lot, but the time, emotional thinking, willpower and money it saves (electricity and gas as you don’t have to cook as often… plus fewer instinct supermarket buys)?

Could just be the hack you need to s​top yourself falling back into the:

Stress –>> increased by feeling tired –>> drained willpower –> inability to make informed decisions about your food choices / more irritable with loved ones –> diet starts Monday…

And I’ve been there. Just like the ladies have in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme. I’m not saying it’s easy. But the more things you can automate, the easier your life will be…

Which is why I teach you how to automate the basics with my members only nutrition system and humanise the rest so you can build a nutritional strategy that fits your lifestyle and keep the weight off once and for all.

I challenge you this week to be yourself first and look after you. Can you do that? See if you’re actually more SELFLESS for being SELFISH. AKA less irritable with loved ones / you have more energy / you sleep better in the evenings / your stress tolerance is higher / you are more productive. 

“Easier said than done, Matt…”

Of course, but if you never try, how do you know? Even if you do it 30% of the time…30% is better than 0%…​​​​​

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