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No time to fit it in…

 No time to fit it in…

Getting that family / work life balance (whatever that means to you)…

Is something that is really important to me.

But the thing is…

It leaves me sometimes “feeling like” 

I just don’t have time to exercise.

Since having kids..

My priorities with my own exercise have changed.

Especially as they’re growing up

And now “do more” activities themselves 

They come first. 

And that’s great. 

Until it’s not.

Until you don’t feel great yourself../ 

Don’t feel like yourself… 

Take it out on others.. 

Low on energy..


I could go on…

But something that I’ve found to work?

2 things:

  1. Get some accountability—> tell people what you’re doing. My aim is to be in better shape in July than I have been for the last 2 years. Just saying that to you now, makes me accountable. Scary? Yes. Rewarding ? Yes 
  1. Don’t overthink it —> we often overestimate how much we can achieve in a week and underestimate how much we can achieve in a month or year …my point? We think that for something to work we have to change everything straight away which means we put it off for when “life has calmed down”

^^^ I said that too

In fact, I said that for so long 

I changed my tactics with exercise.

About 2 years ago.

I get it done throughout the day when I’ve got a busy.

Even if it’s the odd 1 minute in the morning, lunch time and evening.

Worst case? I might get an extra 20 minutes in a week. 

Which on a so-called “bad, busy week”?

Is pretty good, right?

And remember, half assed is better than no assed.

It might just be that those “half assed” days 

Are the difference between you having to start again 

And just keep going…


What I’m actually saying by saying “I don’t have time”

Is that:

“This is not a priority for me right now and I am prioritising something else”

Interesting part?

Doing something for me actually CREATES energy …

I’ll admit

I have to KEEP reminding myself of this.

Because I still so nearly say

“I can’t be bothered…I don’t have time”

But actually…

All this means is that I am saying that 

I am not priority right now..

And when I dig deeper and ask:

“who else is impacted  if I don’t prioritise me?”

It is only then that I start to realise how much better I am to be around

When I have looked after me first…

Not just for my family, kids, and friends

But for you, the ladies inside my programme, our team and even people who I have never met before

But just send me a lovely message saying that they enjoyed my book, video, or blog…

^^ Which reminds me that I have to protect my energy if I want to help people

So I’ll leave you with this quote:

“he / she who has their health, has 1000 wishes. He / she who doesn’t, has just 1”

As it’s a nice reminder to me of what is ACTUALLY important…