“I no longer have a double chin when my shirt is buttoned up”

If you had a "million pound" racehorse, how would you treat it?

Would you feed it rubbish so it didn't have any energy?

Would you not let it sleep so it felt tired and sluggish?

Would you not let it exercise so it wasn't fit enough to live up to it's expectations?

Of course, not.

But, we so often do this to ourselves.

Forgetting that it might mean we don't live up to our own expectations.

And it's something one of my clients picked up on this week during his update.

He mentioned that he was making better food choices, sleeping better, and...

that his shirt no longer gave him a "double chin" when buttoned up.

He felt more confident, had more energy, and wanted to do more exercise.

^^^ which I had to hold him back on as he's getting results doing what he's doing so why do more and make it less sustainable?

But the point is, a cascade of building positive habits meant that he wanted to do more!

And this doesn't just relate to exercise.

But also HOW we think, our mentality, our home life, and our work life!

Can you achieve more?

Speak soon,


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