‘I have never lost weight being on holiday’

“I had to check the scales 4 times to see if they were right”

^^^ A message from a member of my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme (Marie). 

And such results still amaze me 

^^^ Mainly due to how the body seems to respond to a nutrition plan the nourishes the body rather than restricts, restricts and then binges…

I mean, the traditional approach of ‘crash diet’ then binge on holiday…

Makes it pretty inevitable that we’ll come back 10 lbs heavier.

^^^ ‘Oh well, back on the diet Monday…’

And this is STILL fine IF you know WHY and HOW (so you can easily lose the weight and keep it off again without making drastic lifestyle changes that are – once again – unsustainable)

My advice to you?

1) Get clear on what you want –

Set benchmarks so you know if you’re on track. This will allow you to adjust your diet if you struggle to ditch the weight

2) Consider what stage of your life you’re in –

Is what you’re about to embark on sustainable for your busy lifestyle?

Does it consider that you play ‘taxi’ for the kids?

Work long hours?

Enjoy a glass of wine?

Are you setting yourself up for failure?

Is the plan aligned with what you really WANT (which – I’m guessing – is having the tools to know exactly what and how much to eat to lose weight and keep it off…not pile it back on)?

3) Assess – 

If you’re not assessing, you’re simply guessing. 

Why are you losing weight?

Why aren’t you losing weight?

What worked well? What didn’t work so well?

If you don’t know the score, how do you know if you’re winning?

^^^ Turns out all those lost lottery tickets were put to good use judging by the final Rio 2016 medal table (well done Team GB!!)  

4) Consider having ‘diet breaks’ –

Structured, well-formulated diet breaks can actually bump up your metabolism and help you lose MORE fat and maintain / increase lean muscle…

^^^ Which gives you that more toned look!!!

In fact, one study showed that dieters who ate MORE during mini diet breaks lost more fat and kept more lean muscle to help them get that more desirable toned look 

And it’s keeping the FAT off in the long-term that counts, right?

Speak soon,


PS. I spoke more about how you can go on holiday and actually lose weight here

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