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My #1 way to increase confidence

 My #1 way to increase confidence 

I’ve spoken many times before about how I’ve struggled with my confidence over the years. 

From public speaking

 to dealing with comments like

 “what do you know you’re only 20” when I first did a video 😂 

^^ and you know what? At the time I even thought that maybe they were right? I should wait..

Yet, the truth is

I’d have been even more nervous to get started by putting it off.

It’s amazing how good we are as human beings 

To focus on how we don’t want to feel.

And I can’t tell you the number of times 

I’ve had messages from the ladies in our Fruci Fit community saying that 

They lack confidence. 

And want to feel like themselves again.

And I get it.

But 9/10?

It’s because we are putting our confidence,

Energy and happiness in the hands of someone else.

Hear me out.

I was in Cornwall last week..

And the number of times I checked the weather was insane!!

Imagine if I decided whether I was happy or not 

by the weather in Cornwall ?

^^ where one minute you’re looking for your umbrella and the next you’re sunburnt 😂 

It’s a bit like what we do everyday..

We “hope” it’ll be a good day.

Thing is, if we don’t set the rules,

How are we supposed to know how to play the game.

So here’s a quick way to increase your confidence that I use:

Grab a pen and some paper (it works better rhat way)

Write down:

“I feel confident when….”

Then write your list.

Here’s mine:

  1. I focus on compliments (rather than all of the negatives)
  2. I write down and read the best part of my day from the day before 
  3. I’ve worked out 
  4. I’ve got to bed by 945pm (yep, when I’m tired I’m less confident)
  5. I’ve planned my meals and day (less to chance or think about so more energetic😃
  6. Speaking of more energy, this allows me to serve people better, be it family, our amazing members, friends, which then makes me feel good

You see,

Now I can grab confidence whenever I like 

Whether it’s sunny or raining….

Which makes me happier .

And – of course- happiness is different .

But you can do it for happiness and energy too. 

It depends how you want to feel. 

It’s not easy.

It takes training.

But the results?

happiness isn’t dependent on an outcome 

But rather it’s in the process

Which will probably mean you stop stopping 

Matt “weatherman” Fruci