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Message from Wendy…

What I am about to say might not make sense…

Because it doesn’t make sense to me either..

Even though it 100% applies to me..

You see, sometimes I feel tired…

I feel like I’m not really up for it.

I want to have more energy…

And I have two options to improve my situation:

1-change my physiology – move, walk, exercise  << all things scientifically proven to change the way you feel INSTANTLY…

2- Change where I am focussing on my energy  AKA if I keep focussing on the fact I have no energy? Well, I will have even less energy..


Ask the questions:

How do you want to feel?


Ask what you would need to do feel like that…





And the reason it works for me is because it loops back around to SELF CARE…

Something that, sooner or later, will HAVE to become a priority for all of us..

And I get that it seems hard..

It is hard to exercise on cold, dark mornings..

Get back out of the house after work when it’s cold and dark outside..

(that Is actually why we created out 6 minute home workouts area inside our Kickstart Programme)

But something we often forget ‘in the moment’ is that INACTION has consequences, too..

In the way we feel

The way we talk to ourselves (especially when -rightly or wrongly – we start to beat ourselves up for not doing something)..

And this is exactly what one of the ladies said to me last week..

She had lost weight before.

But it had crept back on..

She hadn’t really noticed the weight creeping back on until it suddenly just came to her attention..

She was annoyed because she had tried so hard with rigid diets to lose the weight

And wasn’t sure if she could do it again..

But just by making the first step..

She already FEELS BETTER…

And has more energy to do the things that she knows she needs to do..

A bit like Wendy said the other week:

“I would NEVER have said I look forward to exercise, BUT I am???

What is happening !!?”

And she went on to say:

“I have mobility problems and Julie and Matt have changed some exercises to accommodate me, I have been to 2 classes and come out really happy and seem to enjoy my day more.

I have just come back from physio and she is so impressed with me, as well as how relaxed I was. I still have a long way to go 

but I really feel now I can do it”

Well done, Wendy!!


I’ll be releasing a few early bird spots for our January programme very soon (as it is that time of the year)..

So if you do want to be notified first?

Just message me with ‘January’ and I can get you the details.