Message from Karen!!

Message from Karen

Got this message from Karen last week (see images)

And I somehow clicked a button which took the chat up to the top

And led me to the picture with Karen’s Day 2 check in. 

And wow

Just 3 months and what a difference

The hardest part?

Saying YES today.

You see, these are the little micro commitments

Which seem small, insignificant 

That really add up to transformational results.

Be it attending that first exercise session (that you would do anything to put off)

Or planning those mid afternoon snacks so you can start to feel in control of your food again.

Remember, as hard as it is, isn’t it hard anyway?

What you do today

You are more likely to do it tomorrow. 

I’ll leave you with this:

“Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do the day after tomorrow” – Mark Twain


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