Joint issues? (will it work for me?)

So when we talk about creating community that favours TEAMWORK we really mean it 

Our amazing member, Stephanie, was quite sceptical of exercise in groups due to her joint issues.

But just like so many of the ladies talk about

She had ‘the team’ with her


All of the other ladies being so friendly and welcoming

Here’s what Stephanie said:

I had seen the posts on Facebook but as I didn’t live in Burbage I put it on the back burner but finally decided that if I didn’t ask if I could join the answer would always be no. 

I met Matt and we talked through what I wanted. Initially when he mentioned the exercise word I did wonder if I could do this as I am no fan of exercise groups plus with added joint issues it was a question. 

But I turned up for my first session and met the lovely ladies in the group who were so friendly and welcoming.

 It didn’t feel as if I had done a class as there was not getting all hot and bothered ( you do work don’t get me wrong! ) there was no competition to be better than anyone else. 

In 4 weeks I have lost weight and inches that I thought were there to stay. I can now make food decisions that suit me. 

If I don’t want breakfast when I get up I don’t have to have it. 

If I want a gin I can because I am in control of my actions without having to “confess to class” why I did or didn’t lose as much weight as maybe I could have. 

The only person to judge me is me. Very empowering. I am thoroughly enjoying my journey to be fitter and lighter.

Well done, Stephanie.

I guess this comes back down to what I spoke about yesterday with regards to 


And knowing that everyone is in this together…

THIS is what our 4-Week Kickstart Programme is all about. 

Essentially, helping ladies over 40 do things that they never thought they could do…

✅ Education about nutrition, food and drink

✅ Support and encouragement during the workouts

✅ Accountability to help you do the things you never thought you could do 

✅ An amazing community where TOGETHER everyone achieve more

This is much more than just ‘exercise’

Super proud of you, Stephanie!

Well done!


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