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“I’ve still not lost anything”

I know I talk about motivation and willpower a lot 

(In fact we had dr Adam Bibbey yesterday talking all about urges and cravings in our 28 day kickstart weekly seminar )

But ine thing I don’t really cover is what to do when you’re actually DOING the work and NOT seeing the scales go down and your waistline shrinking…

So, let’s say you’ve made a start. You are walking more, attending some exercise ‘classes’ either in person or from homeand watching what you eat. 

But nothing happens…despite the above all being really positive (so well done)

Well, first off. Don’t do what MOST people do…

Which is QUIT!!

And I’ve been there. I’ve been so close to saying “no” to opportunities simply because I was scared of public speaking ..

Equally, I have said “no” to opportunities that I felt guilty saying “no” about but just didn’t align with who I want to be.

Little did I know that these uncomfortable decisions teach you the biggest lessons 

Enabling you to overcome obstacles and create breakthroughs.

The secret is slowing down just enough to have an HONEST ASSESSMENT of whats not happening and WHY

* Do you have enough structure with your eating which actually gives you the freedom to eat the foods you love without guilt or binging?

* Are you seeing any progress with your exercise? Stronger? Fitter? More toned? 

* Do you feel in control at times like weekends, social events, other half bringing food home, work meetings lasting 10x longer…or do you feel that you’re either “off” or “on” plan?

* Do the scales dictate whether you are in a good or bad mood…and what you do next?

^^ THAT is just scratching the surface

But once you do that- you can tweak things, you can MEASURE things, you can IMPROVE

^^ notice how I said tweak? Because that is sometimes all it takes…

if you’re not measuring anything- how can you fix it?

And I don’t just mean the scales…but your daily habits and obstacles / challenges that stop you losing weight / get in the way (work, family life etc.)

The final piece of this?

Be open to new ways of thinking…

The reason I bring this all up is I had a question from someone asking whether they could just do the workouts but not change their diet…and how much weight they can lose in 4 weeks…

And given that I pride myself on getting you results (I actually live or die on doing this), 

I had to be honest and say

YES, you can.


This will probably only get you so far.

And that OK. 

The exercise is important. It will help you change shape, fit your clothes better, feel better

Improve your mental health 

and keep the FAT OFF long term (not to mention help tone you up so you can fit into your favourite clothes..

But even if you went just went on a starvation diet and exercised every day…

The most amount of unwanted body FAT you can lose in day? 

About 250g…

Depressing, I know….

So if you’re fixated with the scales and hoping just more exercise will solve it all?

Remember to take measurements too…

How your clothes fit?

Your energy?

As you might fail to see the progress you have made 

overlook it

And give up because you “think” you’re not making progress…

Yet, I can guarantee if this is you,

You’ve only defined progress as “weight loss”… 

Here’s why the scales can go UP when you’re trying got lose weight…

1) You’ve started eating more fruit and vegetables –

Fibre is hard for your body to breakdown.

^^^ It can make you gassy and bloated

This also means you hold more water. 

So, consider that you’re probably going to eat different amounts of fibre everyday – which can impact your weight!

The good news?

Over time, your body will probably get better at handling your increased fibre intake, you’ll feel more full and stop craving more sugary, higher fat snacks foods which could help you lose FAT so you fit your clothes better!

2) You’ve started drinking more fluids – 

Yep, another positive habit could be making you put on more weight (at least in the short term)

^^^ Be it from tea, coffee, water, squash (or even diet coke…)

I mean, you exercise one day and maybe not the next.

You may sweat a lot one day (weather / exercise) and not so much the next. 

The good news?

Over time, your body will better regulate this increased fluid intake, you’ll feel more full and satisfied, and stop mistaking thirst for hunger (and Ben & Jerry’s time)

3) You eat more salt one day compared to another  

4) You ate higher carbs than normal today or a few days prior – 

For every gram of carbs stored in your body…

You pull about 3-4 g of water into your muscles which can mean you gain water weight!

This is not fat!

5) Sleep – 

May be you slept longer 

Or shorter 

So consider this:

If you’re in bed for a bit longer during the night. Perhaps have a lay in. You may get up a few more times in the night and actually PEE more than normal.


Get rid of more water.

And the time between your last meal on the day before and your weigh in is shorter 

(So you have less food in your gut)

6) You weren’t consistent with time and day – 

Did you weight yourself at the same time? 

Did you go to the bathroom before weighing yourself in the morning?

Same underwear / pyjamas? 

7) You’ve started a new exercise programme –

This is a new stimulus on your muscle. 

It ‘stresses’ your body. 

But when you rest…

The magic happens.

Your body repairs the muscles (you may feel a bit achey)

Now, this process burns calories and may help you LOSE FAT / change shape 


This ‘magic process’ AKA muscle soreness / recovery may mean that you increase your body weight (at least in the short term)


Because you’re holding more water in the muscle to help your body REPAIR!

8) You haven’t done what you said you would do –

This one HURTS.

It makes us reflect on what WE have (or have not) actually done.

Have you done what you said you would do?

How could you possibly make that happen?

9) Menstrual cycle –

That pre-menstrual phase ‘bloat’ can leave you holding more water (and craving carbs…)

To sum up:

It’s for these 9 reasons why the scale is NOT your dictator (it’s one of many) and not your boss.

And why – in my opinion – :

* Progress pictures (for your own personal reference, even if you scroll back through your Facebook photos)

* How you feel (energy, digestion, exercise habits)

*Looking at what you have done, reminding yourself of where you were when you started

* How you feel when you look in the mirror

* How you fit your clothes

Are the best tools you can possibly have…