‘I’ve never been the person to sit down and cry about anything’

If you look hard enough...

We'll find one of them.

A problem...

An excuse...

But rather than trying to find what's wrong with us...

What would happen if once in a while we actually thought about what we're good at?

Or what we're doing well in?

What we can flourish in?

I wonder if we'd soon forget about those 'problems' or 'excuses'.

And the reason I'm saying this is that I went a bit off track last week.

Skipped exercise sessions I was meant to do.

And strayed a bit off track with the diet.

And don't get me wrong.

That's life.

Home / work life can get in the way no matter how much your programme fits your lifestyle.

But I'm now back on track.

Putting the 'excuses' to one side...

Because in reality, I was barely off track and forgot just how 'on track' I really was.

A bit like when you have a 'bad day'.

I bet you do 9 things really well on that 'bad day' but the 1 THING you did a bit wrong keeps you up at night?

Stresses you out.

​Which is why it's worth writing down the things you've done well on that 'bad day' or 'bad week'

And if you're ever lacking a bit of motivation.

Just remember to reflect on how far you've actually come.

And what you CAN achieve.

Just like the determined and inspiring 'one-armed' weightlifter, Krystal (link at the bottom).

A member of my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme sent me the link to it with the following message:

"Saw this on Facebook and got my home workout in for the second time this week"

And it's inspired me too!

Check out the story of the one-armed weightlifter over here.

Pretty impressive, right?

Speak soon,

Matt 'feeling inspired' Fruci

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