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It’s psychological- I know I should do it

So yesterday I put out a post

Asking what your number one challenge is when it comes to getting fit, more energy and toning up..

Safe to say

I got a load of great responses

Some of which we already had done lots of trainings on, like fitting small workouts in, what to do if you think you’re not fit enough, have an injury where you can’t squat or bend your knees etc.

Some others that I wanted to delve deeper in to.

And I have a ton of new things that we’ll be adding in to our Fit For Life Programme for ladies over 40 in Devizes, Marlborough and Burbage …

But today I just wanted to share the response I did for a question I got from Penny:

“It’s psychological- I know I should do it and I will feel better for it but I still have days when I have to talk myself into it.”

^^ this is one I get a lot

And I get this..

And something I often talk about is knowing ‘why’ you want to do this.

Like, really ‘why’..

To feel more confident?

Fit into certain clothes?

Reduce medication?

Reduce blood pressure?

Improve blood glucose control?

Say ‘yes’ to grandkids / kids when they ask you to do something that you’d normally shy off from?

Whatever it is..

There can be leverage here.

For me..

I always say, if I can’t do it for me?

Can I do it for my kids? 

Because, I know that I am a better Dad, more patient, better to be around 

When I have looked after me FIRST..


But I get even that can still not work..

Which is why I think another part of this that we have to consider?

Your expectations of yourself..

Like, unless you do EVERYTHING, there is no point in doing ANYHING..

Which stops you even starting..

I mean, even if you do have days you need to ‘talk myself into it”

That’s OK..

Because lets face it..

Structured exercise where you go somewhere to do it or do it at home

Isn’t a very ‘natural’ thing..

So to think you will always be super motivated?

Well, is that setting yourself up for failure?

Because, what if you just felt the feeling 

And did it anyway…

Something I talk about a lot is the 3 minute test:

Try some exercise for 3 minutes

If you want to stop after 3 minutes?

Give yourself permission to stop after 3 minutes.

Worst case?

You did 3 minutes

Best case?

You went on a did a whole session

^^ I end up doing this about 5 days a week when I’m with the babies at 4pm..I’ll get me exercise in whilst cooking dinner and looking after the babies..I even get them involved most of the time!


You can check out the 6 minute video I did on this here:

And if you haven’t let me know your biggest challenge?

Please reply and if I have the training already?

I’ll send it over for you

If not, I’ll create it and email you it later

Matt ‘half assed is better than no assed’ Fruci