It’s OK to feel demotivated..

this isn’t some April fools thing…

It’s probably the most common thing I get from ladies who ask about our 28 Day Kickstart Programme:

Beating themselves up for feeling “demotivated”…

Losing their mojo…

almost like no one else ever loses motivation..

Which we all know is total rubbish…

I mean, I’m meant to love this exercise and nutrition stuff

And even I can’t be assed sometimes. 

Sometimes, I’m ok with being half assed. 

In fact, imagine if we were all half assed when we couldn’t be assed? 

^^^ that’s probably the secret

It’s like we think that everyone else has their $#*! Together 

Apart from us…

And that we don’t deserve to take time for ourselves.

We feel guilty when we do.

We think we are the only ones who have negative thoughts 


Or feel demotivated.

So today is just a simple message

To remind you that:

It is OK to feel demotivated

It is OK to have disempowering emotions

It is OK to feel a bit of track…

what’s not OK?

is choosing to stay there

think about it:

what would you say to your other half / kids / family  if they were struggling / worrying about exams / work?

you wouldn’t tell them to beat themselves  up and give up, right?

you would get them to focus on what they want.  

so today…

bring your attention back to how you want to feel

(not how you don’t want to feel)

Then ask yourself:

What are you willing to do to feel how you want to feel and when will you do it?

And here are some examples of how not being perfect still leads to RESULTS…

Matt “half assed” Fruci

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