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It happened so quick…

It happened so quick…

“Wait for Daddy before going down’

We said to our 2 year old yesterday at the park waiting to go down this big tube slide..

And there I am

Strolling up the steps to the tube slide again…

Then I hear ‘wait…wait, not yet’ from Mrs Fruci

And oh


 she’s gone down…

Then all I see is my 2 year old’s smiley face

Come out at the bottom..

“I want to do it again”

I mean, who am I to judge which slide she can go down..

Although these new parks looks nice,

The slides are definitely slower.

I enjoy that I can use the phrase:

“The slides aren’t what they were like in my day”

Speaking of which..

We always put the past on a pedestal…

We always make out the past to be better than it was..

Because we are biased..

And remember the good times..

I mean, I can look at back at University, school etc.

With amazing memories.

But if I look deeper in there..

There were also many not so good times…

From eating disorder

To anxiety around public speaking .

I could go on..

But I was having a few chats this week with some of the ladies on our Fit For Life Programme 

And they mentioned that they had a few ‘bad’ days…

Felt like they had gone backwards.


Because for the last 3 days they hadn’t come to a session with us…

Yep, just 3 days of not doing it..

And they had decided they had gone backwards..

Rather than thinking..

‘Wow, it’s been a month since the last time I went 3 days without doing a session”

My point here?

We are focussing on what we haven’t done rather than what we have done..

What this really shows us is how well we have done..

But by focussing on the negative?

We immediately go into that ‘sod it’ / ‘F it’ space.

“I’m rubbish”

“Same old me. This is where I normally mess up”

But guess what?

This is a part of the journey..

In fact, in a research study where they look at what people who lose 10lbs or more and keep it off for at least 10 months..

These people have often tried a lot in the past.

Failed a lot…

But what does this do?

Makes them more resilient..

Because you grow from it.

You learn from it..

And the bigger mistake people make?

Is that we then don’t VALUE the small things that we once did to get started on our journey

Because we think we should be doing more..

Here is an example:

We get your busy..

Maybe you have not exercised in a while.

Which is why we do our 10 minute workouts..

To accompany some longer ones, like 20 and 30 minutes..

But here’s the thing..

You might say ‘10 minutes is not enough’

So ‘ there’s not point’


You end up doing 0 minutes..

Which is 70 minutes less a week…

280 minutes a month..

And 3360 minutes of exercise a year..

Which is like exercising for 2 days and 8 hours (quick Maths….joking, I Googled it)

Not bad though, right?

So my challenge toyou is this:

If you say ‘it is not enough’

And end up doing nothing instead..

I want to challenge you to earn the right to say it does nothing

By doing that very thing you said is not worth it…

Be it water before each meal

Be it a 10 minute workout


Happy Saturday