Is there something wrong with me…?

Is there something wrong with me?

Got this message from Michelle last week (see image)

And it is easy to look at this and think:

“There must be something wrong with me”

“Why can’t I do this in 3 months?”

“Why can I not stick to it?”

Thing is, this story is no different.

If you asked Michelle whether this has been easy…

She will probably say ‘no’.

The first stone?

Flew off.

Then she hit a plateau .

The weight went up and down a bit.

It was a ‘rocky road’ as they say..

The motivation to exercise would flag from time to time

^^^ totally normal by the way…

But Michelle kept going.

Maybe not at 100%

But guess what?

You don’t have to be ‘on it’ all of the time…

There will be times where you won’t be able to give it ‘your all’…

But the secret?

Not going into that ‘all or nothing’ / F it mindset..

As that is where the damage is often done..

Well done, Michelle. 

And as much as she always thanks the Fruci Fit team for their support…

It is all teamwork..

You have to meet us half way 

And that is all we ask..

Well done, Michelle.

Excited for you and what you can achieve. 

Not just because of where you are right now

But because of the breakthroughs you have had overcoming challenges along the way 

Which are essentially in creating sustainable results

And improving our ability to do this whilst getting better at handling the stress of life


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