I never ever persevered 

 I never ever persevered 

Got these messages last week (see images) 

Amazing to hear..

Firstly, most people say to me that 

They have never been able to stick to anything 

And think that this won’t work as they won’t be able to do it

Because they haven’t been able to stick to anything before.

Interesting right?

You see, the issue was probably in what you were trying to follow …

When you work with us, 

We work with you one to one to breakdown your goals into small, step by step habits

Which you can do on your most stressful day (that’s the secret)

Sure  you will have times when it’s not “perfect”

That’s part of the process

And often leads to refining your goals and habits. 

So the focus is on what you can do today 

After all, every day is DAY 1

And that’s the secret 


What an impact nutrition and healthy lifestyle can have on not just our body shape and mental health 

But our skin, hair and nails too 

That was just one of the chats we had last week with a few of the ladies 

Talking everything from split nails, skin to hair…

And no not about haircuts and when I’m actually going to get my haircut 

But about the thickness of their hair changing 

(Must be all that protein 💪)

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this:

Focus on what you can do today…

No more, no less.

After all, done is better better than perfect 

And it might just end up that done today = perfect tomorrow …

Small habits, compound effect 

Matt “Day 1” Fruci

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