“I Just Need More Motivation”

What’s going on? I had to wear a jumper yesterday morning. I have to say though, I’m enjoying this cooler weather. 

Although, I wouldn’t mind the glorious sunshine coming back.

But I guess it’s a nice reminder of how you can’t appreciate the good without the bad…

Which brings me on to what a lot of the ladies that come to me say:

“I just need some more motivation to lose weight and get fit”

But here’s the thing.

Quite often, they’ve never considered WHY they want to lose weight and get fit. Like, they’ve never really thought about it.

And the reason I bring this up is because if you’re struggling for motivation today, just try really thinking about why you want to do it. 

That’s where the motivation is to get you started

I often get things like:

“I’m fed up of going clothes shopping and nothing fitting me”

“Out of breath running around after the kids”

“Don’t like the way I look in the mirror”

“I want to feel more confident in myself”

“I’m worried about my health and want to be there for my family and kids”

You get my point. And I’m no different. Sometimes when I can’t be bothered. I think about the example I’m setting to my daughter.

After all, can I really expect her to do anything that I’m not willing to do? 

Be it with work / life balance, eating habits, and even the little thing known as having some fun and not taking yourself too seriously. 

Now, this is all well and good to get your started. 

But we all know that motivation comes in waves. What do you do when you’re still not feeling motivated? Even after going over why you want to do this for your kids, health, family, work, relationships, confidence, energy…

Well, this is where a slight shift in the way you think and go about change might help

You see, traditionally, most weight loss and fitness programmes will obsess about the weighing scales.

Scales go down? You are awesome.

Scales go up? You are $#*!

Which can set you up for the “F it” mindset where you think “what’s the point”…

So, what do I recommend?

1. Focus on the process and your daily habits – 

You CANNOT control the scales. You CAN control what you do right now, today. And what you do right now, today? Will take care of the OUTCOME that you are trying to achieve.

The reason this can be so useful to help you is that even if you feel a bit low and fed up?

your daily habits and rituals can get you through it.

After all, it always makes me laugh when some of the ladies on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme say “I have no willpower” yet have successful careers and have bought up kids….

How did you do it?

Your habits and routines.

You don’t always want to get up and go to work, but you do it.

2) Remember this is YOU vs YOU

Sometimes ruining your habits and day can be as simple as looking someone else and wondering why they’ve lost more weight than you


looking at everyones else’s ‘perfect’ life on Facebook.

Which comes back down to accepting where you are NOW…and only comparing yourself to then, and not your ‘ideal’ / so-called’ perfect day.

Speak soon,


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