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“I don’t want to deprive myself”

If you’ve followed me for a while (not literally, as that would be weird, and of course you’d have to keep your 2m distance)…

You’ll know that I often talk about the power of small habits.

^^^ in fact, we have Dr Adam Bibbey on my podcast next Monday talking about this very thing in terms of exercise, comfort eating and doing the things you know you need to do (Adam does live question and answer sessions on our kickstart programme)

But despite this..

I still get messages like :

“I could never do that as I wouldn’t want to deprive myself”

“I’ll start later as I have a meal out I want to enjoy”

And I get it.

You’ve probably been told in the past thy at some foods are “bad” 

And you have to give up all of your favourite foods to lose weight.

You might have even also been told you CAN eat your favourite foods and lose weight..

Only for it not to work…

And here’s the thing.

Although both can work..

And you can include your favourite foods in your diet..

A lot of these diets claiming to help you do this 

Don’t address the habits and relationship with food and exercise…

So,  I thought I’d share some observations of mine from over the past 10 years or so doing what I do now, working on education programmes in Public Health and the NHS…

1-We often forget what we are depriving ourselves of by NOT doing the thing we need to do 

Example – getting up to exercise might deprive you of 10 minutes of sleep..

But not doing the exercise could deprive you of:

😃 feel good endorphins that help you make better food choices and stop snacking 

😃 improved  fitness and everyday tasks feeling easier like playing with the kids and climbing stairs / getting up and down from the floor 

😃 a sense of achievement 

😃 changing your body shape so you can fit your clothes better

Like Jude mentioned yesterday: 

 “ actually don’t feel that I am depriving myself of anything. I feel that I have been given the perfect opportunity to try a variety of foods by planning and cooking my own meals instead of buying what I thought were healthy meals. Ok, I was losing weight slowly but it is the exercise that I am now doing that is changing my body shape and making me feel healthier. Weight doesn’t seem quite so important to me now. (Although, if I get under 9 stone I will be over the moon – only 3lbs to go😀).”

I could go on.

In fact, take comfort eating and snacking when we are not hungry…

What if doing this actually COSTS us and deprives us of £5-£10 every time we do it?

Does that change the way you think about what “depriving” yourself actually means?

I know for a fact that I’m a lot better in my energy, as a coach, as a husband and as a Dad when I’ve put myself first…ate well, slept well and exercised…

Not doing the above is basically me choosing to be a version of myself that doesn’t align with my value and who I want to be 

Matt “more food for thought” Fruci