I ask my kids this every evening 

And if I ask them earlier in the day than before bed bed?

Their answer is 

“We do that at stink house”

^^ in short, this is essentially me chasing them with a duvet pretending to be a monster. This is what I do before bed to calm them down 😉 and have some fun 

And it’s become part of the bedtime routine 

As normal as brushing their teeth or “lavati i denti” as they say in Italian (another thing we do is learn one phrase in Italian each night 😂 the things they do to delay bedtime 😂)

Anyway, why am I sharing this?

Well, I don’t just ask them this question for no good reason…

“What was your best part of today?”

Why this question?

Well, even your worst day has a best part

^^^ read that again

And this – I hope – teaches them to always be able to look for the best part in things ..

After all, and as you know, things don’t always go as planned.

But what if we had the power to still look at what’s positive even after a “bad” day?

(“Man’s search for meaning” by Vikotr Frankl is a great book for this by the way) 

What if it was actually a choice?

And what if this choice impacted your mood?

Your energy?

Your ability to cope?

Your willpower?

Your happiness?

And it’s why I also ask this in our private support group each week. 

And here’s just a few in the image of this post 

Oh and here were mine:

1. Shoulder exercises daily so I can get back to jiu jitsu (always remind yourself of your why)

2. Menopause  programme

3. Fruci Fit summer event 🌞 🩳

Matt “wins” Fruci

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