The Hunger Beating Diet…

I found out (the hard way) that eating too much of a "good" food can be a bad thing! And no matter how much 'eating right' (or so i thought) you do, it doesn't always work.

This pretty much sums up why I failed (in my opinion)...

I liked the "idea" of eating so-called superfoods that they say will help your burn more fat... but it meant that going out for meals was difficult, I had to give up some of my favourite foods, and it made exercise feel "harder" (especially when I completely gave up carbs...rather than knowing that SOME carbs actually suits my lifestyle much better)

It also go pretty boring. So boring that I couldn't stick to it.

And what's the best diet in the world?

The one you'll do...without really knowing you're actually doing it (which requires a complete mindset shift...something I spoke a bit about yesterday)

Don't get me wrong, I've lose a lot of fat and helped tons of other ladies lose weight and tone up on some of these so-called 'superfood' / 'clean' diets.

And - to be honest - as a coach I always encourage YOU to come up with your nutritional strategy (of course, I help guide you with this). Because - ultimately - you have to be willing to stick to this. 

But what I'm not a fan of is doing this stuff at the expense of my social life (or creating a horrendous 'good' / 'bad' relationship with food...)

Now, the one of the challenges when you try to lose stomach fat and drop a few dress sizes is beating hunger.

After all, if you're hungry, you're miserable. Or H-angry (as Mrs Fruci calls me...)

Now, one way of doing this (note I'm not talking too much about mindset today but this counts too, of course)

Is how much food you actually have on your plate.

You see, you eat with your eyes. If your plate is piled up? You feel like you'e indulged and 'eaten more'. So, you feel more satisfied. 

Now, one way of doing this is - of course- using a small plate. 

Another way? 

Well, make 80% of your foods from high fibre, nutritious and filling foods. 

And, yep, you'd think that this would mean popcorn would be off the menu.

And that this would mean you can only eat 'healthy fats' like avocado  <<<which I also do love by the way

Now, I still eat avocados (usually in salads). They're full of healthy fats etc.

But my point is that you CAN lose weight (achieve fat loss) without "giving up" foods or going to the extreme. 

There's a BETTER way.

And it just so happens that popcorn (a food I used to "give up" and crave) can help me feel full and satisfied. Is loaded with fibre and pretty much provides the identical nutrition as the "superfood" oats!

So, focus on what matters:

- Building a nutrition plan you can stick to

Which usually involves (at minimum) these things:

- NOT giving up your favourite foods!

But at the same time, making sure you feel full and satisfied by:

- Making the "majority" (around 80%) of your diet full of filling, nutrient dense foods (including popcorn...).

Learn from my mistakes.

If it wasn't for my "all or nothing" / "no bad foods" mentality, I would have probably been where I am today 7 years ago...

Matt 'corny' Fruci

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