How To Stop Stopping

So we FINALLY picked up our Nissan Qashqai yesterday.

Spacious (good for my work...and dog) and a bit more comfortable than my beloved Citroen C1.

But the funny thing is...

It's gone from people asking if I'm a hairdresser (when I arrive in the Citroen C1) to:

"Matt, you're married, you've got a dog, and now you've bought a family car...." (You can probably guess what people are now getting at)..

Which reminds me of a film I recently watched.

Drum roll please...

"Daddy's Home". The one with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.

It's basically about the battle between a dad and a step-dad.

^^^ Funny, easy film to wind down to and take your mind off!

But there was an important message in the film.

You see, Brad (the step-dad), was delighted that his step-daughter drew a picture of their family and he was NOT dead for the first ever time.

Brad saw the positive.

In every other picture, Brad was dead.

But in this one, he was just "badly injured" LOL

And in his words:

"This is progress"

And you should apply this to your goal of losing fat and toning up!

Too often I see people put themselves down because "it could be better".

We strive for an A*, which is great.

But instead of remembering that a B+ is still keeping us moving in the right direction...

You quit.

You stop!

And it's often RIGHT before the magic starts to happen.

Remember, progress is progress.

Let's say you're only losing a few pounds a week at the moment.

Well, think about the following:

- Is what you're doing hard?

- Is it getting in the way of your life?

- If you carry on at this rate, how will you LOOK and FEEL in a years time?

Slimmer and fitter with more energy?

It might just give you the motivation to STOP stopping.

And this is exactly why having a nutrition and training strategy that not only gets quick results, but does it in a way that allows you to discover the scientific principles that'll ensure you can keep the weight off in the long-term and still enjoy a glass of wine and some chocolate, beats a cookie-cutter diet programme any day of the week!

Speak tomorrow,


PS. I've got a "superfood" to share with you tomorrow and you probably have it in your cupboard already. Any guesses?

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