How to stop falling off the bandwagon (even if you have a holiday)

How to stop falling off the bandwagon (even if you have a holiday)


(and I say “luckily” as who knew where we would be right now after the past few years of lockdowns etc)

Some of us will now be getting ready to go on our about Summer holidays…

Or have been already. 

Days out

Weekends away



But most importantly 

More time with friends and family.. 

Special memories. 

This is why we do it all, right?

And I know a lot of the ladies recently starting on the Kickstart programme have mentioned 

About wanting to feel more confident 

Not just for summer.

So had this question:

“Any tips for not falling off the wagon completely on a holiday??”

We’ve all been there. Putting off starting a new ‘diet’ or fitness programme because you have a holiday, a wedding, birthday  / social event etc…


Worried that a holiday, wedding, or birthday / social event will derail all your progress and that you can’t have both…

But is this the problem?

That is, you’re ALWAYS trying to lose weight? 

You’re never happy with lowering your expectations a little bit? 

You’re never happy being OK with putting on a few lbs enjoying yourself on holiday even though you’ve lost 10lbs / been more consistent than ever with exercise / better control your blood sugar levels / come off medications 

^^ I see this a lot

It’s like we either have to be losing 10lbs in 10 days or gaining 10lbs in 10 days right? 

Well, that’s if you listen the BBC and the Daily Mail

^^^ Who’s job are NOT to provide nutrition advice…but rather to entertain you. Even some of the so-called Dr’s (who have never actually been medical doctors or practiced) knowledge on nutrition is very questionable and I would recommend questioning everything. Even me. Especially me, actually. 

Anyway, this weight loss and healthy lifestyle stuff doesn’t have to be this ON / OFF, all or nothing thing 

Of course, you have to make SOME compromises. But if you can’t enjoy yourself? What is the actual point?

Like seriously, why do you do all of this? Or why do you want to do any of this health and fitness stuff?

For me?

It impacts my energy

^^ pretty much everything is impacted by your energy, from your motivation to your willpower

Which is the single biggest factor in me being productive 

And better to be around

Which is what I really value both for my family, friends  and my work. 

So, here’s a few tips to not completely fall off the wagon on holiday but still have a life:

1. Go Explore 

Get walking. 

Go explore the local areas and – if possible – avoid taxis and public transport.

When on my honeymoon in the Caribbean years ago (yes, somehow I am still married)

I don’t think we would have seen such beautiful places if it wasn’t for some of the walking 

and bike tours (where I realised just how unfit I was on a bike as a token family of 4 wait at the top of the hill for me haha)

2. Think “full” and “satisfied” –

It can be difficult to get enough protein in when you’re away 

but it will help keep you full and satisfied. 

fill your plate with fish, beans, lean meats etc. 

(accompanied with fruit and veggies for your fibre and don’t forget WATER with every meal!!)

3- Eat less often but when you do…GO BIG? –

This strategy is useful for when you’re exploring and out and about. 

For example, you might have a big, satisfying breakfast (think eggs) but then not eat again until the evening 

which kind of means you have a fast and allows you to have some flexibility to enjoy local food?

So, by not picking throughout the day and sticking to “usual” meal times (e.g. lunch)

 it means you can still enjoy your favourite food and drinks and minimise the possibility of overeating.

4- Focus on company NOT food 

5- Aim for pretty good NOT perfect

I was asked whether I recommend someone tracks food whilst away. And it really depends. It’s your choice. Of course, research shows that even writing what you eat down results in reduced food intake..

But you’re on holiday. So practicing these habits might be enough ..

6- Remind yourself there’s a difference between being ‘full’ and ‘having enough’ and use the 50% rule….

The 50% rule means looking at your dinner and assessing whether you are still hungry when half of your plate is gone.

Still hungry?

Eat another 50% of what is left and assess again.

This is simply to get you to ask questions.

7- Remember you are choosing what you eat. You’re not missing out. You’re aligning your actions / behaviours with your goals.

8- Walk around the buffet before picking up a plate

Finally, don’t stress too much. The stress and worry is probably more detrimental than the ice cream by the beach  😉

Or even the mojito by the pool if you’re in the safe zone…

And don’t forget that you’re on holiday to enjoy yourself and create memorable moments that you’ll cherish forever.

After all, life is for living. 

And if your ‘diet’  or “Healthy Lifestyle”

doesn’t allow you to make the choices that make you happy 

Whether that’s having a drink and enjoying your favourite foods or not..

You might need a new one ..

You do what makes YOU happy.

And if you’re waiting for the perfect time before you start

then you probably have things the wrong way round.

Matt ‘summer lovin’ Fruci

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