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Hormones and fat loss ?

Hormones and fat loss ?

Getting up in the night…

Bath time…

“I had it first”

Being ‘responsible’ for another human being…

^^^ having kids has presented me with some of the most amazing challenges…

And I am forever grateful for this…

But it is no secret that with this comes extra time and responsibility …

Time and responsibility, I never had in my early 20s when studying at University.

It’s funny, I always used to think I was busy and ‘getting older fast’

But then 10 years on…

I feel like I’m no older…

And I am actually grateful for the challenges and problems I have today.

In fact, I would have done anything to have the challenges that I get to face today…


And speaking of ageing and challenges…

Something that comes up a lot in one to ones with some of the ladies just starting their 28 Day Kickstart

Is how they have put on more weight as they have got older..

“It must be an age thing?”

There was a recent study just out from Warwick University 

All about how age impacts your ability to lose weight.

One of the main the reasons they did this is because fat loss can help with 50 comorbidities 

Including lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, risk of Type 2 Diabetes, depressions …I could go on…

So what did they find?

Well, they found that when given sufficient support 

Whether you are below 60 or over 60…

It made no difference to the amount of weight people lost

The younger group (below 60) lost 6.9%   

And the older group (above 60) lost 7.3% 

So what does this mean?

Well, hormonal changes 100% make it harder to lose weight ..

Perhaps not directly 

But indirectly 

Through perhaps lack of sleep (be it due to hot flushes, medications, kids, worrying about what time the kids will be back 😂 )

Which can then result in your pre frontal cortex downregulating 

and you then perceive foods as more rewarding than they actually are…

Seek out a sugary pick me up to get through the day ..

And the cycle continues.

We know what to do..

But feel frustrated that we don’t do it.

I get it. 

The exciting part?

There are 100s of things everyday 

That we already do that can increase your energy.

And your energy will dictate what you do, 

What you do will dictate your results.

I go through a few things you can action in this video here

But my point in all of this?

there is no best time to start..

In fact, my brother in law researches protein and muscle

And will always say this.

They see people in their 70s, 80s, and 90s put on muscle and get stronger..

Which can all improve wellbeing, reduce risk of falls and fractures, improve independence and quality of life.

One of the ladies actually said to me last week

How she was motivated by seeing her mum in a care home..

And doesn’t want to end up like that..

Now, of course, as we age 

It may feel harder..


Well, as I mentioned at the start

And as many of the ladies tell me..

Hormones and we simply become responsible for more people and things as we age..

Which CAN mean the time we have has reduced.

I mean gone are the days I would spend hours in a gym..

I now fit it in during the day.

^^^ In fact, I have literally, as I write this, just stopped to do a 1 minute set of exercise (it is also something I preach inside our 28 Day Kickstart to help improve blood sugar levels and protect your energy << which just so happens to help you control your stress)

But also, many of the ladies tell me that they have gone from kids moving out to now being carers for their parents. 

Making it again 

Difficult to find time for them.

I get it

It’s hard.

And it is why we do these short, manageable steps.

But remember… 

As uncomfortable as these problems / challenges are…

Is it uncomfortable anyway?