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Happy Easter!!

I get you probably don’t want to hear from your friendly neighbourhood nutrition coach

On the day we all enjoy some chocolate eggs 😉

But hear me out..

I’m not hear to tell you not to eat Easter eggs

And replace it with wild Salmon and quinoa 😉

You got a few choices here:

1→ Enjoy yourself and accept that is one day

2→ pick the ONE you REALLY want  and enjoy

3→ Ultimately just do what makes YOU happy..

And I want to stress point 3 here…

No judgement 

No pressure

Give yourself permission to eat the foods you like..

Like I spoke about HERE with regards to cravings

Restriction MAY actually be the issue.

Which begs the question 

Does the ‘good’ cause the ‘bad’?

Matt ‘Happy Easter’ Fruci

PS. Enjoy your day

After all

You can always do something about it tomorrow 😉