Gerard Butler or Tom Hardy?

Right, let’s end this once and for all 

Because in last weeks session we played a workout game called

“Where’s Tom Hardy?”

A bit like Where’s Wally

Except with Tom Hardy and a load of exercises to shape the arms, hit the stomach muscles and target the bum!

So, I guess you could say that it was nothing like Where’s Wally 😂

Anyway, I had a lot of complaints from the ladies…

Not because it was just a cardboard cut out of Tom Hardy at the session…

But because they wanted Gerard Butler instead 😱

(Which I agreed with by the way)..

With one of the ladies saying:

“Gerard Butler…if I had to choose. Either is fine  though” 😂

A good point I thought…

And it reminded me about this diet, weight loss and fitness stuff..

About how it’s 2019 and yet people are still squabbling over where carbs or fats are to blame…

Forgetting about what HOW MUCH you eat, the protein you eat 

And how your relationship with food which undermines this..

In fact, one recent study wanted to answer this question once and for al

They gave one group of people a low fat diet

And the other group a low carb diet..

What did they find?

Well, if they eat the same amount of calories? 

They both lose weight…

Even with a higher carb or higher fat diet…

So just like Gerard Butler or Tom Hardy

The truth is

Either can work 

It’s just down to personal preference 

For me?

I’ll take a lowER carb approach (notice I didn’t say zero…as I don’t cut them out, I just prefer higher protein foods and higher fat foods as…well, I like them and I feel satisfied and full up after, but that’s just me)

Oh and for the record?

I’m also team  Gerard Butler 

Let’s say you:

Gerard or Tom?

Matt “team Gerard” Fruci

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