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Find your perfect match

Find your perfect match 

No, don’t worry

I’ve not turned into one of those dating apps…

Although maybe the health and fitness industry could learn a lot from this?

What if you matched your exercise to your lifestyle and how much time you were willing to spend doing it?

What if you matched your food preferences to the diet that aligned with them ?

^^^ maybe that means simple home cooked foods,  maybe that means being able to eat carbs, or maybe even having a few glasses of vino…either way we get you to think differently…differently to the way the slimming clubs that promote yoyo dieting get us to think 

What if you could match your fitness level to the workout?

^^ just like we did yesterday with our low vs high intensity workout where you could follow myself and Julie (lower intensity version of the exercise) or Chloe and Jessy (higher intensity versions of the exercise)

And you know the best part here?

What you do today

You don’t have to do forever…

It might be that you progress on to different exercises


You decide to make more changes with your nutrition once you have your fitness habits in place (one habit at a time)…

My point?

It doesn’t have to be ‘love at first sight’…

When it comes to diet and exercise..

There is always A way…

And there is no such thing as THE way..

^^ if anyone says they have the ONE diet, run…run as fast as you can…

Speaking of finding your perfect match..

This is what I will be helping over 100 ladies (at the time of writing this)

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I get you may be skeptical..

Maybe you are unsure if you can do it..

So were these ladies who posted yesterday (see the pictures)

What do you have to lose?

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Matt “PS. I love you” Fruci

^^ that was a reference to the film, starring Gerard Butler….who you may actually see in the 5 Day Kickstart (and I am not joking)