What happens when you put yourself first?

The ONE sentence that when you say it and really mean it?

Will probably get you better results that you’d ever have imagined with your energy, body, how you feel about yourself, confidence, work, family life…I could go on:

“I want to put myself first”

👉 I think a big problem/roadblock in alot of people (especially women) losing weight is you’re just so busy tending to everyone else’s needs

✔  kids
✔ work
✔ packing the sun cream
✔ putting shoes away in the shoe cupboard (Mrs Fruci’s favourite. It throws me every time. “I can’t find my shoes ANYWHERE’ …’Have you checked the shoe cupboard?’..Mrs Fruci responds 😂

✔ always looking at what needs to be done and for who…
✔ etc

Which leaves no time to do the stuff that you probably know you should do to make you feel better about YOU.

Like planning your meals for the day ahead, improving your fitness, reading a book, going for walk etc.

Which questions whether: “I don’t have time” is maybe another symptom of putting everyone else and their priorities before your own?

^^ Me included here. I get that it’s not that simple…my 1 year old daughter tells me that haha

Anyway, 2 things need to happen:

1) What if you saw your health and fitness as SELF CARE?

2) But before that. Before you even think about that. Remember, this only works if you give yourself PERMISSION to take care of yourself first.

After all, I can’t be the best parent possible if I’m not looking after myself. You can’t be the best at your job if you’re tired, stressed and reading the biscuit tin…

It’s like Monday afternoon, I literally crashed. I worked all weekend and started Monday morning at 5am. Ended up Spending the afternoon in bed. No emails. Work. It was difficult to do. I felt guilty. But knew I’d be no good to my clients or anyone else for that matter, especially as I didn’t finish until 9:30 that evening.

But its reminder of why
✈  airlines always advise “if the plane goes down put YOUR oxygen mask on FIRST”

Ok they don’t quite say it like that but you get the point.

If a person isn’t ready or willing to put on their “oxygen mask” first then it’s always gonna be a bit of a struggle for them until they are.

➡ So here’s a question for you:

On a scale of 1-10, how ready are you to start taking taking better care of your self❓

If you’re ready and just feel you need the accountability and a plan to help you get started?

Then you might be interested in my free 7-day trial on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme I have opening up at the end of July.

you don’t have to part with any money until you’ve had a blooming good look around to see whether we’re meant for each other

AKA whether you think it’s for you and whether I think I can actually help you

If you want to put your name down for this free 7-day or want to learn more (before I put it out on Facebook again…bear in mind I only have 5 places left for this and they probably will go…everyone seems to want to get in shape this time of year)

Just hit reply and let me know what you want to achieve.

Speak soon,

Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back For Good (Not Just Summer lol)

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