Encore Une Fois

Excuse the French, but my 9 month old daughter's been learning French before English at Nursery so I thought I'd keep o with that theme.

Anyway, last Thursday night, I held a FREE online training event...

Called a 'webinar'.

You probably heard about it.

^^^ I did email you several times that day..

Based on the feedback that I got.

It seem that it was actually pretty good. 

However, like all LIVE events , it wasn't without it's problems...

It looks like quite a few ladies couldn't register for the event, once it went live. 

(the number of available spots are ALWAYS limited on these things)

Unfortunately, because I never record my FREE webinars....

I don't have a replay to share, either. 

That's the bad news. 

The good news?

On Wednesday night at 8pm, I'm going to be hosting the exact same training event, all over again.

(An 'encore' if you will)

If you DID miss out on last Thursday's event...

Or you just want to sit through the entire thing again?

All you need to do, is click on the link below:


And I'll save you a seat.

Matt 'one more time' Fruci
Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently And Get Their Bodies Back

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