How to eat and exercise if you are over 40 years old

It just never gets old...

Every day. At least once. ​​I play peekaboo with my daughter. 

It makes me smile every day.

Unlike the study after study that keeps coming out about how the most important things for you to help you lose weight, get fit, be healthy, have more energy and tone up are:

* Eat more protein

* Eat more fibre, fruit & veggies

* Do some strengthening exercises to help you tone up and stop muscles loss (it also helps you fit your clothes better)

​Because as good as this is all is?

You know it already.

So, surely we need to look at how to make it EASIER to actually do this now, right?​​

And this is exactly what I talk about when I guest lecture at Oxford Brookes University ​​​​to researchers and students...

And show you how to do with my super simple Shift Nutrition System. 

You see, what if I could get you to do all of the above WITHOUT:

* Counting calories 

* Giving up wine

* Giving up coffee and lattes 

* Checking every label in the supermarket 

* Stressing about what's healthy and what you can't have

* Being stuck with what to cook so you can enjoy food

Well, this is exactly what I've done for you in my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System.

Give it a try by going here

Speak soon,

Fruci Fit
Shift: Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back

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