Are your dumplings healthy?

When I asked Mrs Fruci what she wanted for dinner the other day, her response shocked me.

Because I realised that I'd NEVER had stew and dumplings before.

I'd had stew but never dumplings. Maybe it's more of a Northern thing? Maybe it's because it's probably as far away from "Italian' you can get so it just wasn't an option growing up? Maybe it's because I don't get on with wheat?

Anyway, I like a challenge. So I decided to try and make some gluten free, healthy dumplings...

Not that dumplings are unhealthy, as it comes down to your overall diet and what works for you...

But these dumplings just so happen to be good for your gut health...

Anyway, before I put you off your meal even more,  here's how I did it below

(Oh, and Mrs Fruci actually approved of these. Her only suggestion? Thicken up the sauce. Which I - reluctantly - agreed with.)

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PS. I used gluten free oats in this recipe. Now, I don't usually have oats at all as they still do  trigger my irritable bowels. But I was fine after this. So the next day, I decided to have a bowl of gluten free porridge. And the results? Well, I won't go into too much detail, but I felt lethargic, bloated, hungry and tired. And it got me thinking:

Isn't it amazing how a food that is super healthy for 99% of  people can be bad for others?

And it just shows that there's no one size fits all when it comes to this diet and health stuff. 

Which is why the secret to this toning up stuff in my opinion is personalising it to you.

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