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Does breakfast actually spike your metabolism?

So, we have just started our outside sessions in accordance with social distancing and Government guidelines..

Which have gone alongside out home workouts..

And yesterday I had two questions from the ladies about whether they should eat before the exercise,

Be it from home or in our in-person sessions…

Now, I’ll admit,

There is a lot of confusing and – seemingly – conflicting information out there.

I get that is can be confusing…

Even when I was at University,

Some lecturers would say things and I would just nod my head and agree.

The problem with this?

You hear something enough times and it just sticks in your head.

The longer it sticks in your head?

The truer it becomes. The more passionate you become about it.

It is a bit like our beliefs we have that we are REALLY passionate about (we just might not know it)..

Like the belief I had about

 ‘not being able to speak in front of people because I was too nervous and I didn’t know enough..what if people knew more than me”

Like the belief that 

“because I had an eating disorder, I couldn’t help others develop better relationships with food”

Or like the belief some of the ladies have that they are:

“not fit enough”

‘too lazy”

“Don’t have enough willpower”

Guess what?

These are just beliefs that we have in our head for long enough that we now think they are true..

Yet, what if they were no truer than the opposite?

What would you achieve then?

And all this reminds me about the belief about:

 ‘the most important meal of the day’ AKA Breakfast

Most slimming clubs will tell you that you HAVE to eat it to ‘spike your metabolism’ or that ‘you’ll go into starvation mode and store loads of fat on your stomach’

Truth is: The research shows there is NO change in your metabolism or weight loss whether you eat breakfast or not

My point?

I’m all for routine. In fact, it’s something I’m pretty big on.


You do not have to eat breakfast to lose weight if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle

^^^ Maybe you’re up super early, value an extra 20 minute in bed or prefer to eat more later when you’re actually hungry

But what actually is breakfast (this might surprise you…)

You see, most people see breakfast as the meal they eat when they first get up

But it is actually defined as ‘breaking a fast’


The first meal you eat. So – technically – eating your first meal at 12pm still means you had ‘breakfast’ as you are ‘breaking your fast’

Why you SHOULD eat breakfast?

  1. It might stop you grabbing anything high fat / sugary on-the-go
  1. You can often choose what you want to eat in the morning as you’re likely to be at home so can pick nutritious foods that keep you going for longer and stop you snacking  (get your vitamins and minerals in)

Why breakfast might not be for you…

  1. You’re busy in the morning and food just isn’t a priority for you as you’re not hungry and won’t enjoy your food
  1. You prefer to eat a bigger meal in the evening and want to balance your intake throughout the day

^^^ Something I often do when eating out BIG to compensate

  1. Maybe when you eat breakfast, you are hungry a few hours later (cereal is a great a one to trigger my hunger…)

Oh and by the way, it WILL spike your metabolism, but anything will spike your metabolism..

From eating chocolate to exercising…

Your metabolism is simply the sum of all reactions in your body.

So consider this:

If you’re eating just to spike your metabolism, the calories you ingest will be higher than the calories burned by ‘spiking’ your metabolism…

Do I eat breakfast?


You see, it depends on my schedule. 

If I am looking after the kids or at home (as has been the case with lockdown)

Then we will eat together..

If I am out delivering our morning sessions, then I won’t..

It also depends when I can have my first meal / if I can have something ready for mid morning or lunch

^^^ Like most of things when it comes to diet, losing weight, and toning depends on your lifestyle, work, schedule and preferences.

The key part is having some kind of plan 

So you’re not caught out with something quick and convenient (usually biscuits / snacky foods)

So just ask yourself THESE TWO questions before deciding whether breakfast works for you & your health, weight loss and fitness goals:

1.Will eating breakfast today mean that I eat more over the day or eat less?

2. Will eating breakfast today actually make me feel better and give me more or less energy?

You see, if you’ve struggled before with this healthy eating, weight loss and exercise stuff…

That’s OK because it probably wasn’t your fault…

Perhaps you followed something that was ‘cookie-cutter’ & simple not personalised for your lifestyle, work, family commitments etc…

After all, to just have to be a little bit better today than you were yesterday..

Despite what they say

it’s not about banning foods, demonising them or basing your results and happiness on a once a week weigh in at 7 pm…

(which can fluctuate up to 4lbs every day just simply based on water, salt, exercise habits, how much fibre you ate, sleep, stress.. I could go on..)

Matt ‘breakfast?’ Fruci