Dieting lessons in Latin?

I was chatting to someone the other day about Latin quotes that you see around. She said that a Latin teacher had told her that most don’t even translate properly…so don’t actually make sense.

A bit like when they tell you to ditch carbs after 6pm as it will all be stored as fat…

Anyway, one Latin word which does “make sense” is “rejuvenate”

Which is essentially – be young again!

Imagine if you applied this to your exercise, diet and the way you think?

And what I mean by this is having periods where you “go for it”, make progress and tone up..but also having periods where you maintain, recover, and change things up to keep it fresh…


Because this keeps motivation and fun HIGH!

Keep motivation and fun high?

And there’s no end point, right?

No focussing on that made up image of perfection that stops you doing the things you have to do to get the things you say you want.

Just progress, no matter how small over time!

The results?

Check some of them out here:​​

And if it’s for you?

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