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Diabetes, fall and depression

Diabetes, falls and depression…

Despite being a Gov recommendation for years and years…

The latest UK Chief Medical Officers Report finally emphasised the importance of building strength (doing strength based exercise at least twice a week) to help:

1 – Prevent falls – linked to bone density and lack of muscle mass, particularly if you are over 50

2 – Reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes by 40% (and improve control of blood sugar levels)

3- Reduce your risk of heart disease by 30%

4 – Reduce your risk of depression by 30%

Now, of course, any exercise is better than none…

Walking, parking your car further away, taking the stairs instead of the lift etc.

^^^ These are all very beneficial and the key is building up from this and getting 1% better each day


There seems to be something very protective about muscle strengthening exercise

When it comes to ageing well, quality of life and even disease..

This is something we touched on when I interviewed researcher, Richie Kirwan, who researches healthy ageing, muscle strengthening exercise, cardiovascular disease and diet

Which you can watch here

(It is also available on my podcast too)

We also spoke about how muscle almost acts like a ‘storage’ space for sugar

Which seems to contribute to all these benefits. 

And who knows, may have contributed to results like those shown in the picture 

Check it out and let me know what you think

Matt ‘1% better each day’ Fruci