Can you eat more and lose weight?

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So, the other day I took my daughter to Butterfly World. And one thing I noticed is that the goats are CONSTANTLY on the lookout for good.

Every time a human walks past?

They have a competition to see who can stick their heads out of the wooden posts the most to get closer to the human who MAY have some food to give to them.

And it got me thinking about ‘hunger’ and what true hunger actually is.

You see, when trying to lose weight, hunger can make it more difficult. And it’s why the science has looked at this and found what the most filling foods are:

* Protein

* Fibre / veggies

* High volume foods that contain a lot of water like soups and stews

* And the most filling food of all according to research? The boiled white potato believe it or not #TheGreatPotatoComeback

You see, you may have heard ‘nutrition’ / weight loss gurus / and even me, say this:

“Eat more and lose weight”

Now, without any context…this is completely WRONG. Because if you eat too many calories, you will not lose weight…

But if you ‘eat more’ of the super filling, higher volume foods (like the ones above)?

You will feel like you are more full up and satisfied and ‘feel’ like you are ‘eating more’…

Now you may be eating more volume? But to lose weight this still means lower calories.


I could eat have a Frappaccino at 450 calories and feel starving an hour or so later.

Switch this for a skinny iced latte (which is 120 calories) and then have, say, a Nicoise salad:

• 100 g new potatoes
• 75 g tuna
• 4 Whole cherry tomatoes
• 1 Whole egg
• 75 g green beans
• 2 TSP Mayonnaise Low fat
• 3 Whole anchovies
• 2 Whole Lettuce Leaves Large

And you’ll feel like you are ‘ eating more and losing weight’ because you have more food volume but lower calories.

So going back to the story of the ‘greedy goats’…

my point it can be misleading to follow your hunger signals…because certain types of foods can keep you more full up than others even though the calories are the same.

Just like, if someone brings a cake into the office and you feel ‘hungry’ all of a sudden…

Take home?

🍓Try to get a palm size of protein and decent portion of veggies at each meal.

🍓 Have a look at the low hanging fruit in your diet to lower your calories without compensating how much food is on your plate, examples include:

* Swapping a frappacino for an iced latte

* Swapping full fat yoghurt for 0%

*Use soups and stews

* Swapping cooking oil for 1kcal fry spray

* Mix beans with your rice in certain dishes to help keep you full up and lower calories

* Swap a breakfast bar for some berries and yoghurt

🍓 Notice how you feel when you are hungry from the inside. AKA are you just ‘hungry’ because you are bored? Procrastinating? Tired?


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