Can cutting out pasta and bread “reverse” diabetes?

Now, before I get into this.

It goes without saying that Geoff Whitington has done AMAZINGLY well

He went from being having Type 2 diabetes, being overweight and at risk of an amputation…

To losing a tonne of weight, better controlling his blood sugar levels / putting his diabetes into 'remission', and completing a 100-mile charity bike ride.

^^^ His story has been made into a film and will be shown on BBC on Sunday at 10pm (which is way past my bedtime…)

But as usual…

The Daily Mail have added their own ‘lemon twist’ (perfect for cocktails in this weather)

By using the headline:

“These sons REVERSED their fathers diabetes by making him cut out pasta and bread. So why does the NHS advise the complete opposite?”

^^^ link at bottom of the email

Controversial, right?

And I’ve had a few people send me this article.


‘Should I cut out bread and pasta, too?’

And before I answer this…

I have to point to the FACT that this guy who ‘reversed’ (use this word carefully) his Type 2 diabetes..

Was also on an 800-calorie diet

^^^ Which is one for another day

And started to EXERCISE!

What I’m getting at is that the MAIN reason he put his diabetes into ‘remission’ (perhaps a better word to use)

Was that he cut his food intake…


Started exercising…

But rather than focussing on the boring stuff.


Lifestyle changes

The Daily Mail claimed it was because he ‘banned’ pasta and bread.

Now, don’t get me wrong…

Pasta and bread can be incredibly moreish (particularly if you have a Nonna who tops it with mouth-watering meatballs…)

Which will mean you eat more <<< especially when Nonna takes it personally if you don't...

But consider this:

If the amounts of the different nutrients (protein carbs and fat) in the diet he used was kept the same (along with the exercise)

And he STILL ate bread and pasta as part of the diet…

You would probably see the exact same outcome

Weight loss


Perhaps most importantly…

FAT LOSS from around the organs / waistline

^^^ A major risk factor for developing diabetes.

Now, I’ve spoken before about whether you should cut out bread from your diet over here

So I won’t go into that today

But it just shows how we always want to blame something.

Be it:

* Bread

* David Cameron

* Pasta

* Nigel Farage

* Chocolate

* Boris

* Wine

Because it makes things seem easier.

But, in reality.

What we need to focus on is the stuff that matters MOST.

That is.

Your overall food intake and ratios of certain nutrients in your diet

^^^ Are you eating enough protein, fibre, essential fats, and carbs to support your lifestyle, sleep, and body?

And your exercise habits

^^^ How frequently do you exercise? How long for? What’s the intensity?

Could you walk more? Partner exercise / healthy habits like drinking a glass of water with habits you already do, like cooking and making your bed? It could be that you now drink a glass of water before every meal...Or do some steps and squats whilst you wait for dinner to be ready <<< And make it competitive. Challenge the other half and your kids!

Because it's optimising your daily habits that get you eating the right amounts of different foods that nourish your body, get you summer lean, and leave you feeling more confident in your own skin without 'the hardship' and guilt of counting syns...


PS. Here’s the link to the Daily Mail article on 'reversing' diabetes:

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