No, I’m not just talking about the sandwich..

But the 

Bites, Licks and Tastes 😋 

They add up. 

Just because we don’t track it or it’s “on the go” they still count and it could be as simple as this to help move things in the right direction. 

For me? 

It’s kids leftovers…

If I cut this out I’m probably nearly in a 500 calorie deficit 😮 the deficit needed to lose 1lb a week… 

Are you aware of your bites, licks and tastes?

Hope this helps put things into perspective

Because when people ask me “do I need track calories?”

I could quite easily say “yes” but then not everyone will do it..

But what you just tracked your bites, licks and tastes? 

Or you wrote them down to increase your awareness?

Asked the questions:

  1. why do I want to eat this? Why did I eat that?
  2. How am I feeling?

And by doing this, you get logical, better informed awareness. That is the power of journaling 

Because now rather than looking for the next magical supplement or exercise 

(Which doesn’t exist by the way)

We are now focussing on what we can control.


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