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Blood pressure, blood sugar levels and happiness?

Something really interesting happened yesterday that actually changed the topic of my Q and A and seminar last night inside our Kickstart programme

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I like to share the meaning and lessons from the conversations I have as I know if one person is thinking it?

Many more will be.

So, the first conversation I had yesterday was with one lady who wanted to lose weight as she had been told this will reduce her blood pressure..

Now, she is nearly a stone down…

But nothing has changed with her blood pressure (yet, anyway)…


I speak to one of the other ladies.

Over the past few months, she has got stronger, fitter, her clothes are now looser…

And she just came back from a review regarding her Diabetes and her blood sugar levels were down

Result, right?


The scales are not moving…

My point here?

2 conversations…

And at both times, it becomes very easy to focus on what you have NOT done

Rather than what you HAVE done.

And what if

By you focussing on what you have NOT done

You miss the lessons, the recognition, the confidence boost and the momentum 

To keep going for long enough to see the results you want?

Perspective is everything. 

As Jane (one of the ladies who started during lockdown from home):

“I was thinking about what you say about where do we want to be in 5 years time and reflect that on where I wanted to be back at the beginning of lockdown. 

1/2 stone lighter – clothes fitting better (mostly down a size) and doing a load more exercise! 

I could have been a stone heavier and feeling unfit due to not having the motivation to exercise regularly and as much!! 

So, thanks to you and the amazing work you do supporting and motivating us ladies and always there to help. 

Many Many thanks ”

Well done, Jane ☺

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