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Blaming Willpower?

Blaming willpower?

I get it. You’ve tried diets before. You’ve lost weight…BUT…Once you stopped, the weight just came back on again.

‘I lacked the willpower’…

Or did you?

you see, it’s true, we do all have a certain amount of willpower. And this is very much linked to your stress tank. Think of your stress tank like a sink. The sink is your stress limit…Once it’s full and overflows…

Bad things happen!

And stress is stress. So before you say ‘Well, I’m not even stressed’

Remember that traffic, a nagging boss, a crying baby, grabbing anything and everything on the go, dieting, arguing, and exercising .. responding to an email like it is a matter of life or death

^^^ these are all stressors…

And I get it: ‘That’s life, Matt. You can’t go through life without stress’. 

And you’re completely right with that one.

But here’s the thing: all these stressors drain your willpower and can leave you feeling vulnerable to a good old date night with Ben, Jerry and Bridget (Jones)

Especially after a long day when you get in, 

FINALLY have 2 mins to sit down and ‘have only eaten a breakfast bar and a sandwich today’, 

and all you see are leftovers and picky bits, that HAVE to be eaten’ or you will be made responsible for any starvation going on in the world… 

Which is why you have to control what YOU can


Your environment 

So, here’s my 3 tips to help you do this so you can stop blaming willpower for failing on another health and fitness kick

^^^ These are not only some of the 3 techniques we use with members on our Summer Shape Up, but are also based on research looking at people who have lost weight and actually kept it off!

1) Make ‘healthier’ choices easily and OBVIOUSLY available –

– Leave fruit out on the side instead of cereal and biscuits…

– Always have sources of protein available, like yoghurt, cooked meats (salmon / chicken), and eggs (so you  have the option to make a quick omelette, some boiled eggs, or even some protein rich and filling pancakes!) as these foods will keep you full!

– Use your slow-cooker and bulk cook meals (it saves so much time and STRESS of shopping and worrying what and when to eat)

2) Make ‘healthier’ foods more attractive – 

– Make a homemade sauces using chopped tomatoes / passata with some Italian herb seasoning, salt and pepper <<< You can chuck this on any meats or add to the slow-cooker for stew and have meals ready for a few days!

– Ask yourself and your kids what Batman (or Wonder Woman) would eat <<< Research shows that when kids are asked what their favourite superheroes eat, they usually associate this with ‘healthier’ foods like apples instead of fries and are more likely to choose apples over fries (crazy, right?)

3) Make ‘healthier’ foods the default – 

– Fill the majority of your cupboards with wh​ole, nutritious foods

– Have a snack cupboard rather than spreading your junk food around all of your cupboards (as this will drain your willpower even more…there’s only so many times you can say no to Frosty the Tiger and Spiderman Pringles)

You see, most of this stuff isn’t rocket science.

But it’s not easy in today’s GO GO GO environment. 

Which is exactly why we focus on ONE habit at a time.

After all, that is all you have to do.

Because using our 3F Accountability System. 

Changing one thing will change the other.

Which means you don’t have to change everything to get the results you want.

A lot less stressful and overwhelming that way, right?


If you’re ready to take control of your ‘comfort eating’ and put an end to the ‘eating your emotions’ vicious cycle (which leaves you starting again on Monday)…

Our Summer Shape Up Programme may be right for you.

Message me with ‘Summer’ and I will get you the details