And I bet you did this too this weekend…

So this weekend, I ate some chocolate, drank some wine, ate some fish, had some meat, ate vegetables, had some fruit and had some grains.

^^^ Pretty predictable, right? And I bet you did pretty much the same and had a great weekend too.

You're probably wondering why I'm saying this and what it's got to do with your goal of losing fat, right?

Simply put, you already know WHAT TO DO.

How do I know?

Because these great times with family and friends and "indulgences" with your favourite foods and drinks are A PART OF LIFE and SHOULD be a part of your nutritional strategy to lose fat.

Fact is, if you go cold turkey on your favourite foods and say you can NEVER get merry're going to crave them even more.

It's human nature. When you can't get what you want it even more, be it that Hot Cross Bun or last Cream Egg snapped up by the wife...

Ever seen fingermarks on a "wet paint" sign? My point, EXACTLY!!!

As soon as you "ban" these foods...the value you place on these foods increases. You end up focussing on WHAT you CAN'T EAT. The "devil" in our mind does a very good job in helping us justify why WE SHOULD now eat the whole pack of Cream Eggs...

We binge...and then we feel like crap. A let down. A failure. "I haven't got the willpower"...when in fact we're just focussing on the WRONG stuff rather than the STUFF that matters...TOTAL ENERGY INTAKE

We can probably learn a thing or two from the Japanese <<< These guys have the longest life expectancy.

And guess what a recent study on 77,000 men and women in Japan found?

"balanced consumption of ENERGY (calories), grains, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, soy products, dairy products, confectionaries, and alcoholic beverages can contribute to increased longevity by decreasing the risk of death predominantly from cardiovascular disease"

^^^ but you've heard this all before, right? Just like you've heard that "this is England's year" before (although even I'm excited about that performance against the Germans) only to be LET DOWN when it comes to the DO.

And losing fat is no different.

It's the DO that gets you the RESULTS. If you can't stick to something you won't do it and it's exactly why the simple, yet effective Fruci Fit Accountability System was developed and is helping guys lose fat and keep it off...even whilst on holiday drinking cocktails.

You can learn more by CLICKING HERE!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend


PS. Putting Wayne Rooney back in the England team is just like "banning" your favourite foods to help you lose fat. It "feels" right, but it's probably not!

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