A ‘bad’ week?

So I had this message from Pat last week:

“I feel good. I had a weekend away and a bad week but lost 2cm”

And the reason I’m sharing this is because 

This weight loss / fat loss / fitness stuff is NOT linear…

Pat has had many weeks where everything seemed good

But the scales went up and the waist went up…

Perhaps sleep?

Water retention?

Human error measuring?

Amount of fibre / salt eaten that day?

 There’s a lot of reasons why the scales / measurements don’t always reflect your progress..

And why focussing on the bigger picture 

Might just help you stick to it for long enough to see the transformation you want to see…

Like Pat has done.

From March to September 

Pat has lost 45cm from her waist, bust, hips, and tummy

And around 18lbs…

My point here is that 

Transformation happens through self-awareness…

Having the self-awareness to move away from focussing on the little blips

Towards the big wins,

Your daily habits,

Your reason “why” 

(be it health, reducing / coming off medications, getting into a dress you want to wear, or saying “yes” to more events that you would like to do but don’t feel you can)

And doing the things you know you need to get the results you want.

Which is what we focus on with our accountability system inside our 4-Week Kickstart Programme

By getting you to focus on 3 habits a day…

In the areas of food, fitness and focus.

If you’d like to join Pat?

Our next 4-Week Kickstart Programme starts from Saturday 5th October 

In Devizes, Marlborough and Burbage.

If you’d like more info and a £10 discount voucher (available until October)

Just reply with “Devizes”, “Marlborough” or “Burbage” and I’ll get you the details.

We have 4 spaces for Marlborough and Burbage 

And 7 spaces for Devizes 

Matt “bad week?” Fruci

Ps. Check out Pat’s results here:  https://frucifit.com/patupdate/

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